Thursday, March 15, 2007


Another disaster is going through the statehouse in Minnesota. Bill HF1445 is a
long, complicated and confusing bill purporting to allow some adopted adults to
have access to their original birth certificates. The bill contains a disclosure
veto and also sprinkles in other restrictions here and there as you read through
the bill. It also has a new surprise that this reporter has never seen before.

One section of the bill says that under certain circumstances the state must
notify all birth parents who have previously filled an affidavit of
nondisclosure that their adopted children are now requesting original birth
certificates. However, “notify,” in this particular bill, means personal
notification. The state must actually send out representatives to locate and
advise these birth mothers of their adopted childrens’ requests for original
birth certificates. The state has 6 months to fulfill this duty.

Bastard Nation vigorously opposes MN Bill HF1445.


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