Thursday, March 15, 2007


North Carolina is the state with the good bill. H445/S111 will allow all adopted
adults equal access to their original birth records, unconditionally and with no
falsifications. The bill also contains a contact preference form for birth
mothers that is similar to those in New Hampshire and Alabama. The contact
preference form will be kept with the original birth certificate but it will not prevent adoptees from receiving their records.

This bill is short, sweet and to the point. It’s not encumbered with any other
adoption issues that so often get thrown into access bills - issues that are
peripheral to unsealing records and that sometimes completely hamper the
unconditional access section.

H445 has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary. SB111 has been sent to the
Committee on Judiciary I (Civil).

The bill is sponsored by NCCAR, North Carolina Coalition for Adoption Reform.
Roberta MacDonald is Chair of NCCAR.

Bastard Nation offers its full support to North Carolina’s bill as written.


Blogger Stacie Byrd said...

WAY TO GO ROBERTA! I know you and others have worked very hard on this Bill. I was asked last year by the South Carolina Senate Subcommitte what North Carolina was doing in reference to Access. Hopefully they will take your lead.
Thank you!

Stacie Byrd

8:49 PM  

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