Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CalOpen is Back! Please visit their page

A clean open records bill is scheduled to be introduced into the California legislature soon. This is not a Bastard Nation or California Open bill. California Open, however, has regrouped to keep the language of the bill clear of all compromise.

Below is an action alert issued by CalOpen that we are forwarding our California members. We will send your other notices from CalOpen as time goes on. We urge you to contact CalOpen and work with them. Thanks.

Marley Greiner
Exe. Chair
Bastard Nation: the adoptee rights organization

February 10, 2009

California adult adoptees and their supporters gather again under the banner of California Open!
A legislative movement is underway in California to restore access of the Original Birth Certificate (OBC) to adult adoptees. A State Assembly bill will soon be introduced. It is a clean bill, with no conditions. We here at California Open gather again to keep the language clean and unencumbered by conditional amendments.

California adult adoptees and their supporters are speaking in a reasoned voice through Cal Open in the Capitol Halls and Committee Chambers. We hold the accurate historical background of record sealing and understand California's rights on privacy. Our position is clear: California Adult Adoptees have a right to the records of their own births, second to none.

Please view our No Veto Resolution.

Join us today, as we come forward.


Nina Greeley, JD
Joseph Wood, JD
Jean Uhrich, BS
Imogene Speed


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